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We offer a range of services for promoters, event organisers, and managers, enabling them to assemble stages, displays, and exhibitions. Our stage crews in London will make sure your event runs smoothly, and all assembly and disassembly takes place on time and on schedule.

We have many specialists and experts to help your event take place in the manner you want it to, including carpenters, machine handlers, drivers, and plant operatives, who will work as part of an efficient team to complete the work as necessary.

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Your event crew services



Event Crew Hire in London

General crew

Our professional, experienced crew will work as a team, or integrate with an existing group, to help get the project completed on time.


Expert crew

If you need a specialist stage assembly team, we are here to help, and will supply our most experienced and capable crew to your event.



Having carpenters and other tradespeople on hand means you can have a display, set or exhibition that really impresses your audience.


Machine Handlers

Our stage crew can handle a range of lifting equipment, enabling you to construct a stage or display with sound, visuals, and lighting as needed.


Plant Operators

Our team of skilled, qualified drivers can handle forklift trucks, telehandlers and other mobile lifting equipment safely and capably throughout your stage build.






Some of our previous work

Our skilled and capable stage crews in London have completed a wide range of projects across the South East.



Winter Wonderland

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Recently our stage crew in London was on hand to help manage the London Winter Wonderland Ice Slide, helping guests into the slide itself, and giving them a push if needed.



Chelsea Flower Show

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We have carried out a range of work for the Chelsea Flower Show, providing logistical support for the duration of the show for seven weeks, enabling exhibitors to have the structures in place to create mesmerising displays and exhibits.



Affiliations and partners

 setWorks Ltd

This is a production and manufacture business in South London, who specialise in fabricating bespoke items for displays and exhibitions, particularly art fabrications.


This global leader in entertainment is a regular client of ours for assembling stages, exhibitions, and performing sets. Our stage crews in London are always ready to rise to the occasion.