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We have performed a wide range of work across the London area, including stage erection, exhibition building, and event setup in London. Our skilled crew can adapt to almost any setting, and will work all hours to make sure your stage or display is safely assembled, enabling your event to go ahead as you need it to.

Just contact us with the details of your event and what you need in terms of labour and expertise, and London Crew will come back with a fast quote.

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Hampton court - 2016 to present

London Crew were proud to have provided the Ground Crew for the Royal Horticultural Society for the last 7 years. We provided forklift drivers/machine handlers and general crew for the duration, completing around 1500 Crew Hours. Our team have previously worked at The Hampton Court Flower Show and The Chelsea Flower Show for the Royal Horticultural Society.



Winter Wonderland 2022

London Crew Provided the Staff to Manage the Visitors at the Popular Ice Slide for Six Weeks. This was a tough job and required sturdy men to help visitors into the slides and give them a push forward.


British Museum Exhibit 2022

London Crew worked with Amazing Set Works for a new exhibit opening at the British Museum. The exhibition required some skilled operation of lifting equipment, and delicate placement of extremely bulky items, which required all our experience in event setup in London.




Hi Mo, Titus and the team,

Thank you for being so supportive again this year with our important role of support in providing the strong crew for our Ice Slide operation, taking care of the ‘pushing' and queue management from the top of the Ice Slide at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

This year was a success overall, and the Ice Slide attracted over 160,000 customers, which is over 320,000 Slides! This is a huge achievement.

A special shout out to Daniel and your key guys, returning for another year, for always keeping things organized and calm.

We will be planning some training on-site, pre-opening for this year's event to formalise that we have briefed everyone on the team; with confirmation and any later starters, joiners will have also to complete a short training briefing before they can work on the Ice Slide.

At this time, we are planning to operate the slide in 2023/24 on the same basis as in the 2022/23 season. We are also considering expanding to even more lanes; watch this space.

Philip Hughes

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