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Do you need a team of fast, reliable, and capable workers? Are you planning an event with a display, a stage, or a set that needs assembling in a tight timeframe? London Crew are here to help. Our team of professional skilled riggers can build stage scaffolds, assemble displays, and put together a range of equipment to ensure your event goes ahead as planned.

Once the event is complete, we can also come along and disassemble the display or stage in good time too, so that the venue is ready for the next act, and the act itself can move onto the next location. If you are looking for reliable event crews in London, just call our hotline on 020 7993 5076.

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Certified Plant operators

We supply specialists and experts to the event industry in and around London. These include porters, carpenters, scaffolding assemblers, drivers, machine handlers, plant operators, and coordinators, to ensure your stage, display or set is completely ready for your event. We are used to working to tight schedules, with fast turnaround times, and can help at very short notice. If you need reliable and capable event crews in London, we are the team you can count on. Contact us on

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality crew for varying clients across London and the rest of the UK. We provide general and skilled crew on day or hourly rates in the UK covering all venues, warehouses and private clients. For long-term engagements, our expert crew, carpenters, and specialist drivers are at your service with competitive day rates.

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Why choose London Crew?

Event Crew Hire in London

London Based

Our location in London means we can respond at short notice to help assemble a wide range of events, and we can assist indoor and outdoor events across the London area.


We have assembled for events as diverse as the Chelsea Flower Show, exhibitions at the British Museum, and numerous concerts and music events, both outdoors and indoors.



Our event crews in London are capable and reliable and will work on time and on budget to make sure your event has the set necessary to go ahead on schedule.


We use electric vehicles and vans to transport our equipment and crew, so you can create an event that is more ecologically responsible.





How it works for you


Once you are in the process of organising an event, give us a call, with the dates, locations, and scale of the task, and we can confirm immediately if we shall take it on.


Let us know how many staff you need and what skills you require and we can then provide a quote and schedule depending on the hours and work involved.


On the day itself our team will arrive in good time, and work proactively under your instruction to create the set or stage design you have envisaged.


Once the show is done our team can then move in to deconstruct every part of the stage design or display, leaving the area clean and tidy for the next event.

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Van and crew hire

For small-to-medium sized events, you can hire our van and driver, who will double as your crew to assist with rigging and de-rigging your event equipment. They will pick up the equipment from your warehouse or storage location and drop it off afterwards too.

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Our recent work

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Our event crews in London have taken on a wide range of different work, creating displays, stages, sets and theatre scaffolds, enabling a wide range of shows, live events, exhibitions, and performances. Whether you need a securely erected stage for dancers to perform on or a prominent and eye-catching display for an exhibition, our workforce will make sure its assembly is safe, fast, and cost-effective.

Have a look through some of our recent work here, including displays at the Hampton Court Flower Show and exhibitions at the British Museum.

If you are looking for temporary work at competitive rates in part of a capable and experienced team, why not apply to become part of the London Crew Ltd.

If you are capable, proactive, safety-conscious, and prepared to work unsocial hours on occasion, contact us or send us your email address, and we shall send you a contact form.